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Premier of Ted, Poppy and World War Two – stories from Greymouth/Mawhera.

August 13, 2014

This year’s production focuses on heritage. ‘We discovered two interesting people,’ states Paul Maunder, the group’s playwright. ‘Ted Kehoe, a teacher at Grey Tech, was an early conservationist, who gave a weekly radio talk on native birds, the bush and Maori culture.

‘Transcripts of his talks were found in a box in the Grey District Library. And then we discovered that one of the Greymouth-based Sisters of Mercy, during this same period, was the sister of famous Irish writer, James Joyce, who had nick-named her, Poppy.

‘Given that this was also the period of World War Two, it was possible to bring in some war stories, and tie it all together by creating a fictional relationship between Ted and Poppy. ’
It is then, a piece of collective story-telling, with the theme of heritage, a current topic of controversy. Each performance, will be followed by a discussion on heritage: what is it and how do we value it? – facilitated by a local leader in the area.
The play involves returning to an earlier era technologically, a time when listening to the radio of an evening was an essential recreational activity. Audience members are encouraged to bring some knitting, crosswords etc, to help recreate that time.
Cast: Heather Fletcher, Paul Maunder, Caroline Selwood, Francis Darwen, Mikaere Hanna, Frank Wells and Elisa Wells.
Technical: Paul Kearns and Jason Johnson.
Supported by Creative Communities.
Enquiries and bookings: 732 401 0 or final-page001 The production is supported by Creative Communities.


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